Dreaming about delay

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to be delayed in a dream, warns you of the scheming of enemies to prevent your progress
For an accurate interpretation, the details of the dream must considered but as a general guide, this dream portends a season of upsets and/or family disagreements, unless a delayed bus, train or airplane was featured, indicating some upcoming problems connected with money or financial affairs
To be delayed in a dream, warns you of the scheming of enemies to prevent your progress
To dream that you are late, means you have to do the work of your colleague to dream that someone else is late, suggests you expect to lose business because of foreign mistakes to dream of vehicle being late, means you will have a temporary stagnation or decline in professional and personal terms
To dream of a delay suggests that you have been made to wait in your waking life for a highly anticipated event on the other hand, there is an indication of things to come that will be unexpected but of great significance
A dream where there is a delay suggests that you are feeling frustrated about something or that you need to wait for the right time for something in some part of your waking life
Delay mostly shows the inclination, before the decisions, somebody has to press and to push matters instead of you; thereby you will miss many chances and opportunities which the life offers. Generally, you can stand for a hesitant, uncertain, plagued by unnecessary scruples and proactive people.
As in reality, the dreamer also misses something in a dream by his tardiness, as it be, a train or in a figurative sense of connection. This vision can express that the dreamer is not fast enough to decide to leave, because he has settled into his situation and can be difficult to separate from usual situation. However, the change from one phase of life to another, or perhaps from work to retirement, but is fixed quite accurately in time. Who hesitates too long can thus figuratively delay their life journey, miss the connection and bring themselves into trouble. A train is delayed, but that circumscribes the anger, that you have to wait for something what you would gladly like to reach or have. Sometimes is pointed out by this vision, also an incision in the life course. If you are late with a rendezvous, the love cannot be too great in the awake life.

Meaning for seeing delay in your dreams

– Something was delayed: you seem to have missed the connection with life; – You have delayed something: it is a warning that opponents want to hinder the career; also: you have relied on wrong aids and should dispose better.