Dreaming about demonstration

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to dream you have a demonstration, means you should limit your outlay and vigilantly control the budget, not to hurt your financial situation
To dream of a major demonstration involving placards and police is your unconscious making it very clear that you may be involved in a situation that will not serve your highest good to dream of a small demonstration of a kitchen implement or sporting skill indicates that you will find yourself becoming interested in an unusual hobby that could give you hours of joy
A dream where you are demonstrating something can suggest that you need to be more creative, stand up for yourself, or you are looking for the solution to a problem in some part of your life  
Demonstration is often an exaggerated self-presentation, which one can personally a lot of damage. In practice this means you should practice a little more restraint and modesty.
In this way, an inner attitude of protest or unconscious rejection of persons or activities to be expressed. One should be wary of overly aggressive reactions and exaggerated self-presentation. Who in your dream demonstrates what? Most importantly: which side are you on? Do you want to actively to change something for the better or are you on the side, which will prevent the required change with all (mostly determined by conservative setting) means? Alone determines your position in the event the dream statement. You should make it clear to you what you want to achieve with the highest use or avoid.
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.

Meaning for seeing demonstration in your dreams

– tell anyone your mood: you could be involved in unpleasant things.
– None dream explanation in Islam.