Dreaming about depression

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dreaming about feeling depressed indicates that you are having a hard time figuring out the root of your sadness. you may also be facing consequences for your actions.
To dream of someone with depression is about your existing depression or a warning that you are heading towards depression the same dream is likely to link the depression to a particular parent by featuring them, or to a past event through symbolically representing that
Suppressed emotions lack of options afraid to feel
Suppressed emotions lack of options afraid to feel
To dream that you are depressed suggests that you have difficulty making friends or networks you can’t see how the things you do affect all other aspects of your life
To be depressed in a dream usually means the opposite on awaking if you are depressed over the loss of a loved one it is telling you will soon find someone to love, the same holds true for job, etc to be depressed and crying, look for some bad news close to home

Meaning for seeing depression in your dreams

To feel depressed in your dream, foretells of the coming of bad news
– depression in a dream means possible change for the better will come. Do not hesitate to seize this opportunity.