Dreaming about descent

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The dream from a descent, for example, by a mountain, down a flight of stairs or a ladder, a reference to the dreamer that solve a particular problem in the unconscious, can be found in the past or in addressing specific trauma. Perhaps the dreamer is afraid of social or professional level and a loss of status is nevertheless aware of the positive aspects of this loss.
How is it descent? Harried, hurried, relieved? In this dream symbol is more important than the feeling of the place. Those who hunted like a high hurries down stairs, was perhaps indiscreet, and has ventured into an area that was not for him. Now advises the fear of adverse consequences, the most rapid retreat. Would be completely different to carefully understand the step by step set down in a rock wall: A special service has brought one to the summit of success. The joy follows the exhaustion you can enjoy the easier end of the effort. (Slip = risk) through a dirty or wet stairs into a dark room (Keller) descend means the loss of benefits, social or social decline or the fear of it.
On a spiritual level, this dream is a symbol of the descent into the underworld, for the pursuit of mystical wisdom, rebirth and immortality.