Dreaming about desertion

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if you dreamed of deserting someone or something, you can expect to lose a friend through foolish gossip, but if you were deserted in your dream, you can count on true friends who will rally to your cause whenever needed
– Deserter may indicate that there is a tendency to escape from duties and responsibilities, which in the long run is not going well. – If deserter helps you in a dream: you can hope for help in a difficult situation.
– To see or be deserter: shame, cowardice; you will be obtained from distant message; – To see many deserters: discontent in the country, strikes or manifestations; – To help for deserter to escape: you are the one, who gives help for others in a difficulty.

Meaning for seeing desertion in your dreams

– To see desertion in dream: probably you will not receive the message; – To be a self in desertion: your falsehood will be recognized.