Dreaming about dessert

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indulgence treats needs unfulfilled
Indulgence treats needs unfulfilled
Desserts and what we try to avoid in a health conscience society and so having a dream of them are representative of temptation and a push to enjoy a bit of the good things in reality, in some cases it could mean guilt for being greedy or indulging in fattening foods pay attention to whether you are satisfied at the end or whether you in fact even had the dessert if you have not eaten them and it does not affect you it means that you have gotten rid of a habit, however if you seem to feel depressed because you cannot eat it, it may mean you are missing out on an opportunity or you are being too harsh with your diet
To dream about a delectable dessert means that you are experiencing the benefits of satisfaction, fulfillment, or desire you are taking pleasure in the positive events in life
Desserts represent forbidden pleasures and hidden guilt how do you feel about eating the dessert?
To see a tasty dessert in your dream, represents indulgence, celebration, reward, or temptation you are enjoying the good things in life

Meaning for seeing dessert in your dreams

– It is a happy omen-like in the dream eating a ripe fruit; – immature fruit or kept too long: should expect business losses.
– None dream explanation in Islam.