Dreaming about destruction

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you may need to make changes in your life that are causing you problems because signs of destruction in your dream, in whatever form it may come in, it means you need to burn the old and start afresh depending on if you are starting, viewing or caught in the destruction would tell you your position on the transformations in your life starting would mean you have control over it, you want to do it! while viewing it would denote you have no power over it while being caught in it means you are lost and confused with anxiety of what?s going on
To dream of the destruction of buildings, other structures, or their environment by aggression or natural causes is a warning to curb your temper; ill considered or impulsive reactions could be very costly just now
To dream of destruction or disposal, means you should be protected from extreme ill considered actions and decisions alternatively dreaming of mass destruction, means you must work on being cautious
To dream about mass destruction indicates that you are enduring some disorder that is affecting your life things may not be happening the way you would desire this could be due to poor decisions that may be disastrous
The dream can mean self-destruction. Perhaps something happens in your life what could damage or hurt you.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Meaning for seeing destruction in your dreams