Dreaming about diaper

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diapers indicate your elimination system
Dreaming of ironing, stretching, folding or sewing a diaper in your dream, means that you would do a fruitless and thankless job
To dream about a diaper suggests that you are being too reliant on people around you to dream that you are changing diapers indicates that you should improve your demeanor or the childish ways in which you act you could have a poor outlook for a new job or task to dream about dirty diapers suggests that you must take care of a situation that you created with childish actions
To see or wear a diaper in your dream, symbolizes your childish or babyish attitudes/actions you may be too dependent on others to dream that you are changing diapers, suggests a need to clean up you behaviour and change your childish ways perhaps you need to change your attitude and approach regarding a new idea or project to see dirty diapers in your dream, indicates that you need to clean the mess you have created with your childishness
Dreaming of diaper by ancient Indian dream book means, that dreamer must be of good spirit. Babies diapers always have a good meaning brings good luck.
European – To see: everything has two sides; – If diaper is dirty: bring happiness into the house.

Meaning for seeing diaper in your dreams

Arabian – Diapers: you will be salaried.
Hindu – To see baby diaper: you may be pregnant.