Dreaming about died

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death is a consistent symbol for change and separation in dreams that should not be interpreted literally dreams that a living child, sibling, or parent died reflect change in our perception of that relationship old qualities of the person are ?passing away,? new qualities are being recognized a dream that an ex lover died reflects separation in that relationship mothers of toddlers often dream of accidents, including that their child died these dreams are not precognitive rather, a mother?s concern for her child?s safety, represented by the accident, never rests!
Death is often the most feared of symbols for obvious reasons but it can link to the thought off death or some eerie moment the day before that really scared you but really death is not such a bad symbol overall it may link to a situation that has just ended in your life or change or transition such as leaving a job if a friend dies then it may simply mean that the friendship has been allowed to die and is now not as important death can also link to things that you cannot do now and limitations placed upon you so overall look for changes and transitions in your life and your fears associated with them often your fears associated with this symbol are misplaced the dream may simply mean that some very interesting tv show has just ended and you are having to fill the hole