Dreaming about diet

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dissolution of hopes self discipline or punishment need to regain control
Dissolution of hopes self discipline or punishment need to regain control
Being on a diet in your dream means you are not satisfied in your appearance or you feel restricted in life on the other hand dreaming of dieting could mean that you want to break free and rebel a bit in society to get rid of things you think are not good for you
A dream featuring a diet predicts upcoming financial reverses, unless you are actually on one, in which case you are probably just hungry

Meaning for seeing diet in your dreams

To dream of a diet for weight loss, suggests it is your wealth if you dream of another non food diet, then there will be a good effect of your restrictions to dream of a diet for weight gain, means you will have a financial trouble
To dream that you are on a diet signifies that you are disciplining yourself you have the sensation that you are being held back from things you wish to do it also suggests self discipline you are letting go of undertakings that are detrimental to you
A dream in which you held diet may be related to a limitation in waking life. The diet may play a role in the dream. It is exactly the quantities allowed to eat and drink you squinted, probably for forbidden foods. Dividing his affection from precisely measured? Left to his emotions only a precisely defined scope? If you practice in a dream broke from the diet (with disastrous consequences), they let themselves be carried away by his feelings in waking life?