Dreaming about diploma

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whether it was received, given, or only observed, a dream of a diploma could predict wealth and distinction through one’s own efforts however, in some cases it can be a warning of possible downfall through excessive vanity
To dream you serve of a diploma, means you will express your gratitude to someone who helped you to dream you get a diploma, means someone will surprise you with a gift
To dream about receiving a diploma indicates acknowledgment of a task completed well
It confirms to get in a dream the hope of recognition of the service rendered. Stand during a graduation ceremony away symbolizes the opposite: you feel undervalued and ignored.

Meaning for seeing diploma in your dreams

– in general: you have neglected a talent that you would have an appropriate design for success. – Get: brings rapid promotion; – Get a non expected: brings a disappointment, it is to achieve something not as fast as hoped.
– None dream explanation in Islam.