Dreaming about director

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the filmmaker is all knowing within a specific and limited realm this figure in a dream signals your need to surrender to a strong guiding hand at this time but if you are already engaged in a struggle with an authority figure in whom you have no confidence, proceed with skepticism if you become engrossed in watching the production of a motion picture in your dream, you will likely find yourself making a dream into the dramatic reality and forgetting the director altogether
If you dream you are a director or manager, it means you will satisfy some of your dreams before you die and you will have good opportunities to be realized to dream that another person is the director, means you must be very cautious about potential risks of the work which you began
– director is often interpreted similarly to the boss. – If you look at yourself as a director, probably a professional success is imminent.
Any person in the dream takes a higher ranking function, such as directors, heads of state, ministers, presidents, etc. symbolize the guiding function of the psyche of the dreamer. This parent or high-ranking personalities represented in the dream-ego of the dreamer. The superego is seen as a central authority for the governance of the psychological processes in man.

Meaning for seeing director in your dreams

– be director in a dream: wish is fulfilled; – talkt to director in a dream: you make an acquaintance that brings business inconvenience.
– see: your wishes come true; – speakers: you will take a leading position.