Dreaming about disappear

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to dream that people or objects are disappearing right before your eyes suggests that you have fears or concerns about the idea that those close to you could vanish you may not believe that you are worthy of others’ love or that you cannot count on them your self image requires attention this dream could also indicate that you have not paid enough attention to the attributes about yourself that are represented by this person you may have neglected some part of you
To dream that people or objects are disappearing right before your eyes, signifies your anxiety and insecurities over the notion that loved ones might disappear out of your life you may feel that you cannot depend on someone and feel that you are alone and inadequate you need to work on your self image and self esteem alternatively, to dream that someone is disappearing suggests that you may not have given sufficient attention to those aspects/qualities of that person within your own self have you lost touch with some aspect of yourself?
Dream can disappear incredibly quickly after waking up. The reason for this is, that the dreams settle down  in the consciousness of the dreamer. Dream work can help the dreamer ; to fix; the information that wants to inform him and tries to attempt of his subconscious. Disappearance often indicates that you would like to displace quickly unpleasant experiences. In addition, intentions, experiences and hopes express, that you must give up because they are not achievable.
How a child takes magic for cash coin, the dreaming also experiences the dream condition as completely real. If images suddenly disappear in a dream, they become more tangibly sometimes with waking up again.
The human mind has great magical abilities, which in dreams disappear and then come back again up to the expression.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Meaning for seeing disappear in your dreams

– In the dream you see that something disappeared: you will be robbed, so take care of your property.