Dreaming about discipline

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being disciplined in a dream augurs recognition for work well done if you dreamed of handing out the discipline, hold on to your money, because someone may try to con you out of some
To dream of discipline, means you will defend the principles and reputation
Being disciplined in your dreams could refer to how you feel about yourself or how you feel about others are you getting things done the way you should? if not, you could feel you need to punish yourself
Many people have difficulty with discipline in their lives. This impairs the full exploitation of the possibilities that could have been, you would act rationally and in everyday life inside. In the dream appears someone who can only win with his hard work;, that is a sign, not to deprive certain tasks in the waking life. Acrobats or ballet dancers discipline without losing balance or fall an analogy to the emotional balance in waking life. Soldiers drill in a dream (or else a team) means criticism of negligence. Ran the drill without incident? If not, you should consider whether it is to escape an area of ??life that makes instantly worried. A queue is a classic example of disciplined behavior. Some dreams point out that less an entire pattern of behavior in life is disturbed or is not lived fully, but that restraint and self-control are missing. A caparisoned horse may symbolize (= the animal side of his own nature must be curbed). Each contract even if he brings money contains clauses to deliver something on time and as ordered / to do. A dream of this kind could remember that every relationship has its two sides. Glue in a dream indicates the other hand, that one has exaggerated the discipline, which is also important, however, to analyze the context and environment as well as the prevailing mood here. Saluting is certainly an expression of discipline, only: it happened in the dream sincere or ironic? Proved to be a real idea, a project or a situation salute? Or you were so self-approving the unswerving loyalty of a particular view towards? Traffic lights are instructions with street signs, you should respect, not only to your own interests, but also to the general public. A dream in which you ignored it may be an admonitory reference to reasonable behavior in waking life.