Dreaming about disguise

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You are considering some devious plan or unethical course of action if your dream featured others in disguise; better reconsider carefully, as you could be seriously embarrassed, if not actually damaged, by treachery from your associates in the matter if you were yourself disguised, you are being warned against a tendency to be oversecretive try talking over your worries with a trusted friend.
Dreaming that someone is in disguise, says you will have your commitments back to dream that you are in disguise, tells you to expect problematic consequences of irresponsible actions to the things you respect.
– The hidden parts of the self.
– What do I hide? What am I ready to reveal?

Meaning for seeing disguise in your dreams

– In the your you disguise yourself in different ways, such as costumes, masks or disguise in other person: if you see a strange suit in the dream, this is not a happiness sign; difficulties are indicated which are not serious type.