Dreaming about disguise

European (judeo-christian) – in the your you disguise yourself in different ways, such as costumes, masks or disguise in other person: if you see a strange suit in the dream, this is not a happiness sign; difficulties are indicated which are not serious type. Hindu (hinduism) – there isn't any explanation of dream in hinduism. Arabian (islamic) – there isn't any meaning of dream in islam.
Short meaning change somebodies or oneself a different appearance trying to conceal one's identity. Make something irrecognizable by changing its appearance, sound, taste, or smell. Complete definition an attire (e. G. Clothing) used to hide one's identity or assume another. To change the appearance of (a person or thing) so as to hide, or to assume an identity. Synonyms of disguise. Verb: mask, hide, conceal, cloak, dissemble, veil, camouflage; past forms: disguised, masked, hid/hidden, concealed, cloaked, dissembled, veiled, camouflaged; noun: guise, mask, masquerade, camouflage; plural: disguises, guises, masks, masquerades, camouflages.
Dreaming that you are in a disguise, refers to that you are hiding from something or someone in your waking life. It is time to face reality and stop hiding behind a facade. Alternative, the dream advises that you are being someone you are not.
Dreaming that you are in a disguise. Represents that you are hiding from something or someone in your waking life. Don't get a reputation as being oversecretive - talk over your worries with a trusted friend if needed. If you dream of others in disguise, you are considering some devious plan or wrong course of action. Think again before you proceed!.
You are considering some devious plan or unethical course of action if your dream featured others in disguise; better reconsider carefully, as you could be seriously embarrassed, if not actually damaged, by treachery from your associates in the matter. If you were yourself disguised, you are being warned against a tendency to be oversecretive. Try talking over your worries with a trusted friend.
Dreaming that someone is in disguise, says you will have your commitments back. When you saw that you are in disguise, tells you to expect problematic consequences of irresponsible actions to the things you respect.
Why are you hiding or carrying on with a false persona. When you dream of being disguised it means you refuse to face reality or come to terms with things in your life if someone else is disguised in your dream it fortells they are being someone they are really not and you have started to realize it.
Dreaming that you are in a disguise indicates that you are hiding from something or someone in your waking life it is time to face reality and stop hiding behind a facade.

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