Dreaming about disgust

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whether you showed or observed disgust in your dream, you can expect a series of petty annoyances and minor frustrations for a short period of time
To dream that you feel disgust, suggests that in reality you will have health problems
To dream of being disgusted signifies a part of you that you’ve ignored or refused to accept you have concerns about conflict and don’t have the appropriate skills to defend yourself
To feel disgust in your dream, represents an unacknowledged or denied aspect of your own self it also suggests that you fear confrontation and lack the means to defend and/or protect yourself
Who in the dream feels disgust, his soul refuses to accept an utterance pronounced in consciousness or a wrong action, giving the dreamer an opportunity to think thoroughly about himself and his actions. The unconscious uses the horror because such a feeling rather stick in the memory of Buddha remains. Nausea occurs in dreams sometimes body conditioned for example an upset stomach. One feels disgust when eating in a dream, which is warn of a jealous man.
He often explained in response to unconscious feelings, affections and desires that we reject ourselves.

Meaning for seeing disgust in your dreams

– disgust in a dream: a purely physical response to unconscious thoughts; – feel: indicates an upcoming misfortune, brings an upset stomach; – feel by eating: a man wants something bad; – a disgusting animal in your hand: you will have good luck in love.
– feel: to experience anger, annoyance, discomfort, inconvenience.