Dreaming about disinfectant

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disinfectant in your dreams can refer to cleaning up your own life do you feel dirty about particular emotions you’re experiencing? are you comfortable with your own sexuality? disinfectant is also the way you might deal with bad situations
This symbolize that dreamer is infested, ill or feels dirty. He holds or certain parts of its needs for degenerate and unclean; in urgent need of cleaning / disinfection. It can also mean that he has a terrified soul to become infected with his fellow man, which means he^s afraid to get infected by the feelings and passions of others. Often, emotions are felt in the area of sexuality as dirty. Viewed positively prevents the contamination of disinfectant so that the dreamer has a good chance of surviving his emotional injuries healing. Occasionally dream mentally disturbed people who are prone to compulsive cleanliness, often of disinfection.