Dreaming about dismemberment

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to dream of dismemberment implies that in waking life, a situation or circumstance exists that is, or has, the capacity to tear us apart figuratively speaking.
Dismemberment, in a dream, refers to breaking apart before putting things back together it has to do with joining the pieces of your own life puzzle
The fear of a family breaking up, or a romantic attachment being severed, is sometimes warned of by the dream of dismemberment, which means a breaking up if you sometimes feel your live is coming apart at the seams, then this too will occasion a dismemberment dream as in olden mythology, when man fell apart, the gods would put him back together again, this then is a dream of warning you to change your ways, or take charge of a situation, before it reaches the dismemberment stage
To dream that you are dismembered, suggests that some situation or circumstance is falling apart in your waking life you are feeling disempowered and experiencing some great and significant loss