Dreaming about dolphin

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the dolphin symbolises intelligence and the depths of the unconscious. when it appears in a dream it is a message to uncover the hidden side of one self.
Because they live in water, dolphins in dreams are associated with emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom like other fish in dreams, they can be a fertility symbol
A dolphin symbolizes channeling in a dream a channel is someone who can communicate directly with spirits and angels dolphins are mammals like us but live in the ocean in dreams the ocean represents spirituality so here is an air breathing mammal that has adapted to travel into the spirit world
Dolphins are intelligent and friendly animals, and have often been known to rescue drowning people at sea therefore, they have long been symbols of compassion, helpfulness, empathy, and caring 1 if you’re beset with troubles, dreaming of a dolphin could mean that help from someone who cares is on the way 2 playing with a dolphin implies that happier, more carefree times are on the way 3 encountering several dolphins hints that you are, or soon will be, surrounded by a circle of friends who will provide you with a valuable support system
Love, spirituality, awareness love, spirituality, awareness to dream of a dolphin, indicates your liability to come under a new government it is not a very good dream
Pay close attention to dolphin dreams due to a very important message being sent from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind dolphins in a dream represent trust and a religious guidance through a difficult time in one?s life swimming with dolphins in a dream symbolizes positive aura in your life   if the dolphin is trying to communicate to you, pay close attention to the message it is trying to tell you something to see a dead dolphin suggests that there?s an end to a good relationship
These intelligent mammals are a sign of advancement through your own mental vigor, but other details of your dream should also be considered, such as the condition of the water and the location and/or action of the dolphin
To dream of a dolphin, indicates your liability to come under a new government it is not a very good dream

Meaning for seeing dolphin in your dreams

To dream you see a dolphin, indicates that a relative or a friend maybe heart or even die to dream that you hear the sound of a dolphin without seeing it, then you will hear news that will dismay to dream that a dolphin saved your life, means you will pass danger
A dream featuring a dolphin symbolizes playfulness, intellect and guidance
This playful mammal interacts with humans and could be classified as ‘the dog of the sea ’ like dogs, who are ‘faithful’ and represent the easy expression of feelings and love in your relationship to others, dreaming of a dolphin suggests this loving connection taking place within you as you move to access the depths of the unconscious see sealife and water