Dreaming about dracula

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dracula symbolizes absent healing and strong intellect vampires have the power of flight and as such they signify the same thing as flying in a dream since your physical body can not fly it symbolizes being able to project your mind onto others this is quite useful if you work in marketing or sales but it also has a spiritual dimension you can use your strong mind to influence how others think and to influence their health it works along the lines of thinking yourself healthy, but in this case you can think somebody else healthy this ability is best known from the bible when jesus heals the centurion^s servant without ever seeing him you are probably wondering why the vampire though the reason is that while you can heal someone by thinking well of them, you can also negatively affect someone by harboring negative thoughts about them ? for those of us without this ability, it is not a problem as our thoughts do not affect others that way in your case, however, dreaming of a vampire is reminding you that you have a special ability, and right now you are using it in a way that is sucking the life force out of somebody you should know who it is already, and if you do not, then check how you think in general do you see everyone as a jerk and wish bad luck on them? the dream is reminding you of your power and that it is your responsibility to control it, or accept the karmic consequence oh yes, and please don^t think badly of me for telling you what it means!