Dreaming about drain

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a drain or drain pipe is about your elimination system it can be the colon, particularly if it connects to a sewer it can also represent your bladder
To see a drain in your dream suggests that you may be feeling drained from a certain situation in your present life you might want to take a close look to see what factors are bringing you down if you noticed that the drain is clogged it means that something is blocking you from moving forward in a situation in your life if you lose an object in a drain, it means that you are unable to get back what you lost pay close attention to the item that went down the drain due to it serving an important message on the other hand if the drain is clear, it means that there?s a free flow of emotions
A drain in a dream is a warning of low vitality; you may want to get a medical checkup that includes a blood test
To dream of seeing a drain, means that you are been accused of corruption on your street to dream of a drain falling in the gutter, indicates that you will have problems in the workplace

Meaning for seeing drain in your dreams

To dream about a drain represents your desire to unleash your emotions you should express yourself more this dream can also indicate something that you spent energy on that wasn’t worth it the dream may also be a play on words and you should think about things that could be ‘draining’ you
To see a drain in your dream, signifies your need to release and channel your emotions you should not keep you feeling inside alternatively, it may represent a wasted effort or loss consider the dream to also be a pun on something that may be draining you of your energy