Dreaming about dream of water

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those who often dream of water or things directly related to it are prone to fever, as well as colds and are rather phlegmatic if you are sick and dreaming of clear spring water that is good, you will soon recover your strength and health if you dream of dirty water in a spring or stream, beware, disease and impotence may be abound if you get clean and clear water from a well and you are a bachelor, it is a sign that you will soon have a beautiful wife and nice property if you remove from the well some murky water, be careful, it is not a good sign you may be sick or have to mourn for what is important to you if you give someone clean water to drink, they will receive support from you if you dream of a water source drying up, it is never nice expect poverty and trouble of all kinds if you dream that water is coming from where there was once no water, you will soon be burdened with new cares, problems and sadness