Dreaming about dress

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a dress in a dream represents our self our self expression and our personal style wearing a dress backwards suggests a role reversal a torn or soiled wedding dress is common symbol of hopes for a marriage that have ?worn ragged? or ?been spoiled? by disappointment a new dress indicates a change in social status
How you dress in dreams indicates your attitude towards the subject matter of the dream as we dress to suit our mood or to suit the role we feel obliged to play (e g career) in the dream context, we are free to wear anything we want or to even wear nothing how we dress, particularly the colors worn, can be very revealing old fashioned dress would indicate that you have adopted an old fashioned attitude towards the subject matter this is most likely handed down to you by one or both parents being given hand me downs belonging to your father would be clearly showing you have adopted your fathers attitude
To dream of having or seeing an attractive new dress augurs some imminent social satisfaction an embroidered dress signifies casual sexual pleasures
To dream about wearing a dress signifies the feminine viewpoint on a given circumstance you are showing off this aspect of yourself to dream about wearing a white dress indicates that you wish others could view you as uncontaminated and kind to others
To see or wear a dress in your dream, represents a feminine outlook or feminine perspective on a situation you are freely expressing your femininity to dream that you are wearing a white dress, suggests that you want to appear pure and angelic toward others
Clothing in a dream can symbolize aspects of the persona the various articles of clothing will have different meanings the dress is the most feminine of these symbols and can portray sensitivity or the aspects of the persona influenced by the mother if the dress appears in a positive way the message leans more toward acknowledgement, arrival or making your debut if the dress appears in a negative way you may have insecurities about how others view you for a man to dream of a dress, the dream may be using this symbol as a representation of the activation of the anima for the woman, the message relates more to her identity see also clothing and makeup

Meaning for seeing dress in your dreams

Create different clothing describes the desire for a safe occurrence in society. They want to show any weakness and a beneficial impact on other people. Who other dressing, may infer that someone needs in our conscious life support.
– to dream dressing yourself: secrets are discovered; – look at others: it will not withhold its aid to a stranger; – to do this difficult: poor people will be ready to stay away from worries and amenities; – miss the train, because the dressing is not done: by carelessness of other people you^re probably in annoyances, you want for the satisfaction and success in the future as you rely only on your own use.
– dreaming of dressing: make you prepared for annoying impositions.