Dreaming about drill

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the harder the drill was working in your dream, the more urgent its warning is to you to stop frittering away your time and energy in meaningless activities
To dream of a drill, means you will be responsible for the low work and you will slay completely
To dream of a drill suggests that you are moving toward a novel course in your life you are accepting new opportunities and thoughts
Drilling (drill) may indicate tenacity with which it pursues its goals. However, it is often not in spite of all efforts of the work can reap the promised benefits. The anger pierced the doubt, the impatience. People who handle a drill wants to get behind something that could cause unrest and discontent in waking life.

Meaning for seeing drill in your dreams

– handle or see another busy with a drill: indicates that you will soon come with a joiner or carpenter in business relationship, death of a friend^s business. – see: lengthy illness; – drill a hole in the earth: death of a relative, friend or other loved ones.
Hindu – drill in a dream: do not forget your friends, they long for you.
– to see or work with: futile work lie before you.