Dreaming about drink

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to see someone drinking (anything) in your dream foretells years spent in academic learning. you will add many degrees after your name. to dream of yourself drinking to excess denotes many acquaintances who will take advantage of your easy going, indolent nature and rob you of your money.
To dream that you are drinking water indicates spiritual refreshment. you will find fulfillment and peace by looking within yourself and into your past. to dream that you are drinking alcohol denotes that you are seeking either pleasure or escape. to dream of drinking alcohol in excess signifies feelings of insecurity and regret; you worry that people will discover who you really are.
To be drinking in a dream is to be taking something in. therefore, it is important to gain the entire information presented in the dream to understand exactly what it is we need to take in.
The significance depends on what the drink is and its condition water that is cloudy, dirty, warm or hot predicts a loss of money and/or status due to unfortunate circumstances; but a drink of clear, cool or cold water is a very fortunate omen for anyone, especially for students or those in academic life to drink milk is also a happy omen of coming success fizzy soft drinks signify exciting happenings ahead, and any very sweet, syrupy drink predicts a passionate love affair however, drinking from a bottle indicates an unsatisfactory romantic experience

Meaning for seeing drink in your dreams

Dreaming of carbonated drinks, means you will have grief and loss as a result of swindling or cheating dreaming of liquid drinks, means you are have excessive credulity to dream hot drinks, means you should show more consideration in your private and intimate life dreaming of a cold drink, suggests you should show caution when handling money to dream of bottled drinks, means frustration to dream of alcoholic beverage, predicts adventures of creative expression and spending money are all ahead dreaming of soft drinks, symbolizes small joys of family but also deception and bitterness