Dreaming about driver

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a driver in a dream represents who the dreamer feels is in control of a situation in waking life regardless of the vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc ), the driver in a dream controls the direction, speed and outcome of the journey toward a destination or goal in the dreamer’s waking life location and other people in the dream will provide clues as to which area of the dreamer’s life the dream relates
The driver of a vehicle in a dream can indicate influences in your life, guidance, or spiritual abilities you have whether in a car or not, a taxi driver indicates you have a counseling ability that works well one on one it means this because taxi drivers take you from where you are to where you need to be on a one on one basis in the same way, a bus driver indicates you are a group leader / teacher
Dreaming that you see a driver, predicts that you are to improve your material position and will prepare the family or household to dream yourself as driver, indicates that you are made to work, in life or in education