Dreaming about drums

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to hear drums in your dream forecasts great success, and to play them yourself signifies great joy a dream of drumsticks being used on anything but a drum, or of having drumsticks without a drum, is a warning that you could be severely embarrassed if you are not careful about being absolutely aboveboard in all your dealings and/or statements
If you dream that you beat drums alone means that in your way of life, you have a strong will and everything is achieved due to your tenacity if you hear drums, it means that there should be consistency in your work, to maintain your progress
To dream that you are playing the drums suggests that you are moving through life by your own definitions and demands you have a powerful determination and don’t waiver in the choices you make
To dream that you are playing the drums, signifies that you will achieve a prestigious position and have much fame in life to see a set of drums in your dream, symbolizes your amicable character and that you are a very likeable person to hear the beat of a drum in your dream, foretells of a distressed friend calling for your aid