Dreaming about duel with guns

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– Duel announces the general danger. If you look at him, you might have reason to be jealous. – Be involved in a duel self indicates a risk that can be eliminated only with difficulty. – One conquers in a duel, you will be expected to achieve a goal, but unfortunately not in happier.
A common dream symbol, if one is at war with itself; you suffer from conflicting emotions or attitudes: if the head wants what the heart rejects or vice versa. Are you even one of the duelists and the other someone you know, this probably refers to your relationship with that of or perhaps even on the sexual aspects of the relationship. Are you jealous? Even if you win this fight in a dream, it could bring you bad luck.
– be challenged to: foretells great danger; – be involved in one: indicates disputes that are likely to have unpleasant consequences; – one unsubscribe: you should learn to keep your tongue in check better; – participate and come out on top of it: you will reach a goal after great difficulty, without joy to have it; – see other unsubscribe: you do not let yourself be drawn into the controversy other, they would only release the buffer; – watching from afar one: jealousy problems weigh one.

Meaning for seeing duel with guns in your dreams

– see: get dangerous accidents, it may soon bring about a process with an unfavorable outcome; – be challenged to: you may be in danger posed by related persons or things; – run with duel: death threat, you are in a state of internal conflict.