Dreaming about ear

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to dream of people*s ears implies startling news in the mail. to dream of pulling someone*s ears signifies an altercation with your employer.
To dream of ears indicates that you are a clairaudient channel clairaudience is a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs popping into your head the segment of the song will repeat over and over, making you wonder why you can^t get it out of your head once you accept it is a message, it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message it can also work through hearing lines from movies
Receptivity trouble from unexpected source but big success with an intimate friend
To see ears in your dreams, suggests that you need to be more open to the advice and opinions of others try to listen more closely to what you are being told to dream that you are cleaning wax from your ears, suggests that others are trying to send you a message and you are refusing to hear them you need to get real and listen up to dream of pain in your ear, indicates that you will receive some upsetting news to dream of nibbling on someone’s ear, or somebody nibbling on your ear, someone is your life is trying to share their feelings or affection with you the dream means you should try and listen to them with an open mind and heart

Meaning for seeing ear in your dreams

When you dream of ears it has something to do with communication and relationships with others ears are representative of your ability or inability to hear and listen, when you see one in your dream it indicates that you need to pay more attention to others and how you relate to them
The focus on a ear in a dream can be associated with peripheral perception from the standpoint that you are aware of something that has yet to make itself clear to you it can also suggest the need to be more attentive or to start listening more seeing an ear is an objective way of seeing how you fail to listen something is being said that you are not hearing explore the other imagery to shed light on what it is see anatomy and body parts