Dreaming about earth

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to dream of seeing earth through a telescope means that you will inherit a large sum of money, but it will be held in litigation for some time before you will receive your share from the estate.
1 if you are looking down upon the earth from space, this is a sign of expansion, success, and great happiness 2 a dream of lying on the earth depends on other symbols in the dream, particularly the weather if it is a lovely day, a much needed period of rest and relaxation lies ahead if the weather is bad, an important matter needs immediate attention and you need to get on it 3 tilling the earth, or watching someone till the earth, indicates sensible and profitable use of your resources see “dirt”
Matter being grounded through nature need to connect with the physical world
Dreaming of the whole earth (seeing it like a globe) means you are a loyal friend see also “digging “
Matter being grounded through nature need to connect with the physical world
To dream you are lying on the earth signifies news of a sad nature, but if you are being buried in earth, you will be lucky in some kind of gamble if you see someone tilling the earth in your dream, or you observe earth which has been tilled, you will likely partake in very substantial profits
To dream about the earth indicates a sense of worldwide awakening and completeness it could also represent the feeling of being ‘grounded ‘ you should have practical ambitions
To dream of the earth signifies an awareness of spiritual things it also signifies your need to be more grounded and stable in your relationships and financial matters dreaming of the earth is a positive, healthy sign

Meaning for seeing earth in your dreams

A dream featuring earth symbolizes fertility a dream with earth may suggest that you need to be more grounded or practical in your ways, or that you are thinking about fertility in some way alternatively, it may suggest that you are having commitment or loyalty issues in some part of your life
To see the earth in your dream, signifies wholeness and global consciousness it may also symbolize the sense of being “grounded” and your need to be realistic
Your relationship to the earth in a dream can reveal whether you feel your ‘feet are on the ground ’ perhaps you feel that your ‘foundation is giving way,’ since any shifting of what appears to be ‘solid ground’ disrupts your foundation or beliefs working with the earth to grow something or digging beneath it suggests work that you are doing to uncover your ‘earthy’ or organic and natural aspects see dig, natural disasters and landscape and scenery