Dreaming about eavesdropping

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to dream that you are eavesdropping indicates that you need to pay closer attention in your waking life to what you are being told your dream may also be telling you to be more open to hearing the guidance and/or criticism of others
A dream in which others are eavesdropping is a warning that you are facing a dilemma from which it will be difficult to extricate yourself but any dream in which you are the eavesdropper is a forerunner of unanticipated good luck
To dream of eavesdropping strongly indicates a lack of general trust and/or the knowledge that you have been gossiping without knowing the whole story eavesdropping within your dream is a message to think before you speak and examine your conscience, while developing self esteem in the process
Eavesdropping or spying is an interesting dream theme because you may be accessing information about yourself in the only way your psyche will allow not being a part of a conversation taking place between characters can show your disinterest or how you are not owning up to something often what the other characters are discussing seems bizarre it is these bizarre clues that are richest in meaning if you really explore what is being brought to your attention in this cryptic manner you will discover something very important about yourself that you had not acknowledged prior people discussing food can portray your lack of fulfillment and what you might do to feel fulfilled people discussing work can symbolize how you are not satisfied with your career even while you ignore these feelings people discussing a car can be helping you to recognize what it will take to move forward in a more empowered manner if people are discussing the weather or a natural disaster your inner foundation may be undergoing transformation that will lead to rebirth