Dreaming about ebb

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– Tides (tidal) symbolize the impermanence and eternal recurrence of the same throughout life. With appropriate personal circumstances it may dissatisfaction, boredom or resignation are revealed, then you should try to exploit the possibilities of life again more. – In adversity, the tide comfort because it will call back for good luck in the tide, however warn against too much security, self-importance and arrogance. – Ebb is the symbol of mental relaxation. The dream may also indicate in the famous the cash register, a condition that will never last for long, because after every low tide, the tide comes in again. It^s kind of land in sight, when you dream of the tide.
It symbolizes relaxation and effort of an intense feeling. A thrill ebbs;.
Tides represent the rhythm of life, ups and downs, and I will die.
– announced an early reunion of a beloved neighborhood. – see the sea: profit or inheritance; fate will make just as full of change, like the tide; – see the sea: stagnant life, nothing new is emerging, trust in yourself, soon it goes up again; – flood and see: a volatile luck.

Meaning for seeing ebb in your dreams

– fickle fortune, your fate will make eventful.