Dreaming about echo phenomenon

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Sometimes appears to echo in a dream, when a sound from the environment, which is in sleep not consciously perceived, is incorporated into the dream events, then it is of no importance. Often the response also shows how you react internally on real events without the need to be aware, then, the symbol can be interpreted only on the individual circumstances. – An echo in the forest can show loneliness and desire for social relationships. – The echo of our own or another^s voice: someone wants to take our minds adopt or enforce their own with us.
It is hoped that response, expected to get their echo^ own activities. Sometimes warns: go careful with your remarks to eighth, on the content of your messages otherwise you could trigger a negative response. Besides, what the echo say? Can it be repeated warning? Was it an echo from the past? Were there mistakes that you should not repeat?
– echo displays absurdities, warns of slander and a waste of time; warns space; – echo announces unexpected things and messages, so you can easily get into the talk of the people, also of good events hear one concern not themselves, which one will suffer due to the success of another; – listen: anxious times, but you can because of an illness lose your employment, or friends will leave you in trouble; – in the forest: means loneliness.

Meaning for seeing echo phenomenon in your dreams

– hear: rather unexpected visitor will come.