Dreaming about eight

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to dream of seeing the number eight on an object portends disaster and disillusionment. to dream of an eight coupled with other numbers is a good augury.
In dreams, the number eight stands for success and rewards for hard work
To dream of the figure eight, signifies that you will have cash or property receipts
To dream of the number eight represents strength, jurisdiction, prosperity, and revitalization you should listen to your hunches when you have them

Meaning for seeing eight in your dreams

Eight can symbolize wholeness and the infinite aspect of life in numerology, eight is considered to be a powerful number of creativity and leadership eight on a clock can symbolize a threshold where consciousness and the unconscious exchange places, signifying a type of transition in awareness eight can symbolize both awakenings and deeper levels of activating power to see the number 8 written out can be showing you that two things are connected and you might explore how they are inter related the eighth floor can symbolize arrival and a sense of accomplishment see numbers and eight/ate under homonyms