Dreaming about elbow

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to notice your or someone else’s elbows in your dream, indicates that you need to make a space for yourself your dream may express hesitance or fear in creating your own space for fear of being scrutinized to dream that your elbow is wounded suggests your inability to function in some waking situation, possibly a romantic one
The significance here varies greatly depending on the action a dream of using your elbows effectively in a crowd is a forecast of notable achievement, but to be elbowed yourself is a warning that you are in danger of being cheated or unjustly sued a pain in the elbow is a signal of unexpected opposition clean or pretty elbows predict pleasant social occasions, but dirty ones indicate unhappiness through troublesome friends or relatives a broken elbow is a warning against mismanagement in your business affairs
To dream of your elbow, means your friend will seek help to dream of dirty elbows, suggests you are to find someone making fraud to dream that your elbow is broken or sprained, means you will have financial or organizational problems at work
Elbow allows the mobility of the arms with which they made ??life active, but at the same time are also firm support. It is therefore often seen as a sign of plans, ideas and hopes on a realistic basis, the one track but not stubborn should adapt to the particular circumstances.
Here more courageous commitment is required, because the courage fight back may have subsided.
– positive signs of movement; negative, warning against too much rat race;; – see elbow in a dream: hard tasks lie ahead, which will bring in little; – pain of an elbow: warning of trouble; – unbearable pain and is no longer of use of the arm: possible caution in business affairs; – dreams a young woman of elbows, this promises an opportunity for a good marriage match. Are your elbows dirty, they give it a chance to get under the hood.

Meaning for seeing elbow in your dreams

– Hinduism does not provide any explanation of dream with this symbol.
– Islam does not have interpretation for this dream.