Dreaming about elephant

Maternity care – the elephants can be interpreted as maternal nature whose powerful protection we are looking for. transferred to the waking life: we should build on something that can not harm us. Who rides on an elephant, plans an ascent to higher spheres. Sexual needs – elephant can be strong sexual needs, for women symbolize the desire for a strong, sensitively sexual partners. In addition, the following interpretations are possible: moving on with the force – elephant with driver on the neck predicts the force and energy with which you overcome barriers on the life where you are led by mind and logic.

ridicule – elephant in the circus can warn about exaggerated vanity and craving for admiration, that lets easily reveal you to absurdity.

desire for happy life – female elephant with little ones symbolizes that you long for a quiet, peaceful and harmonious family life.

desire for happy life – female elephant with little ones symbolizes that you long for a quiet, peaceful and harmonious family life

admirers if see (women) an elephant – in the dream woman sees an elephant, she will meet admirers and with one of them she might not get rid so easily;

luck and trust if see (men) an elephant – this dream means good run of business and you have to trust your fellows in every aspects;

safe life if alone elephant – this dream is a signal about modest, but safe living and sure incomes;

riches if see many – when you dream that you see a lot of elephants, this announces and promises immense wealth, because of your hard work you deserve this;

Meaning for seeing elephant in your dreams

lucky time if kicked by one – in the dream you were kicked by an elephant, this points to happiness, wealth, honor;

wonderful time if ride – you ride on an elephants mean luck in everything. Also this dream promises happiness in marriage or if you are not married, connection with trusted person; you may hope to receive solid wealth and awards;

 ridiculous if see at the circus – your exaggerated anxious will make a fool of yourself;

reward if give water – this means that someone will reward you for a proved service;

merry family if elephant mother with the young ones – brings you modest and quiet family life;

hindu (hinduism) the elephant represents great powerful rich man, but vulnerable by enemy;

new start if man gets an elephant – this means you will take seriously to build rich and wealthy life;

leadership if ride on an elephant – dream shows that you will be a leader and have money and property;

no worries if perishes – it seems that elephant perishes, might predict you will get into troubles, but by no means you are not going to lose your wealth, because the elephant whole 'wealth and power' is based on his bones;

profit if find manure – finds an elephant's manure, you will acquire large and significant resources and will become rich. According to their amount by a large, you will gain money.

arabian (islamic) great life if ride on – in the dream you ride on an elephant, might mean that you will increase and save joy and wealth; also points to marriage in later age;

happiness if elephant comes at your living place – a strange elephant suddenly comes to your house, announces that you will experience joy and  release from every troubles;

influence if see bones or manure – you find bones or manure of the animal in the dream, this is a signal that you will dispose of big means;

useful fellows if see – this might predict that you will get high patrons, who will help you in any hard situation;

demolition of plans if see dead or killed – in the dream you see dead or killed elephant. Shows destruction of your plans and no matter how strongly you try to rebuild them.

Seeing an elephant in the dream – the meaning of elephant in the dream, represents sexuality, power and success. This will bring you happiness, wealth and prosperous life. Also this dream symbol shows that you have to learn to be more patience and more humble with others. To ride on an elephant in the dream – this dream announces that you are the leader in the family, you are very prosperous person and reach your goals patiently. This dream will bring you richness and wealth in your life. You are the successful person and you overcome all the barriers in your life. The symbol stands for power and stability in your life. To dream dead/killed or sick elephant – this dream implies about destruction of your plans or goals. All your desires might not fulfillment. This is not your time, you have to wait and try to think where you have made mistakes. And only then when you will find the problems, you can reach and make your new plans.
Dreaming about riding an elephant, represents that you will possess wealth of the most solid character, and honors which you will wear with dignity. You will rule absolutely in all lines of your business affairs and your word will be law in the home. Seeing many elephants, indicates tremendous prosperity. One lone elephant, indicates you will live in a small but solid way. If you dreamt about feeding one, implies that you will elevate yourself in your community by your kindness to those occupying places below you.
When you are seeing an elephant in a dream is to recognize the qualities of patience, long memory, strength and fidelity. In the more esoteric sense it denotes radiant and glowing wisdom.
To dream about seeing an elephant is an omen of good luck. If you saw elephants performing means a happy family life. Elephants at work denote a prosperous business outlook.
Seeing an elephant in your dream is great luck, signifying that you are laying a solid groundwork for wealth and success. You will have power, strength and prosperity. If you feed an elephant in your dream, you will elevate yourself in your community through your kindness. When you are dreaming of riding on the elephant implies good news from afar, but dreaming that you fell off while riding it advises enemies are looking to harm you.
As a gift: sense of abundance or prosperity coming. Baby: good luck or fortune.
Seeing an elephant in your dream is defined more by the animals attitude and occupation. If the elephant is pleasant and friendly you will have good luck in what you are undertaking to do, and if you are riding on the beast you will have much success. If you see an elephant performing, as in a circus, you will be surrounded by happy, loving people, and if you see the elephant doing a job you will have success above your wildest dreams. Another meaning of the elephant dream has to do with whether or not you are seeking answers, or go to sleep with a particular problem on your mind, in which case the elephant means the key to knowledge and truth, and after sight of the elephant you will be told the answer.
Seeing an elephant in your dream, implies that you either need to be more patient and understanding of others. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, and intellect. Alternatively, as a creature with an introverted nature, the elephant may thus be depicting your own personality.

Dreaming that you are riding an elephant, might foretell that you are in control of your unconscious and aspects that you once were afraid of.

Although the elephant is much like any other animal in your dreams, it tends to represent the power and influence of the potent forces active in your body and mind, that if you relate to well bring about health and success, and if badly illness and ruin for example the elephant can refer to the powerful responses in us such as fear, sex, survival, and the power of imagination to evoke great anxiety or great pleasure often our personality evokes these forces in a destructive and disorderly way a person may have read an article about cancer for instance and develop a great fear they have the disease, causing much stress and actual physical illness in some degree so some elephant dreams revolve around how we relate to this power, and the attempt of the elephant to place us on its back to direct it so in general it is your potential or energy also depicts your big self, or the power of the unconscious and your cosmic, eternal nature the tremendous inner power of the unconscious, with a mahout, or conscious direc­tion or co operation can achieve wonderful things ganesh, the indian elephant god, represents the remover of all obstacles, the power of life manifesting he is the god of good fortune so it is the totality of yourself rather than awareness of only the conscious ego it is what is referred to in christianity as the 'spirit?, the influence that can heal or instruct, thus power from our unconscious; strength; unforgiveness from association of long memory; patience; fidelity; intelligence or wisdom of the unconscious in some ways the elephant has similar qualities to the crocodile in its link with the collective unconscious the difference is that the elephant does not usually in dreams seek to consume you like the crocodile or alligator it therefore depicts a relationship with one's incredible potential that can lead to directing or working with the potent forces of the unconscious see: alligator if we run from the elephant: being afraid of our own strength or inner power the question is, can we meet this enormous energy in ourselves enough to direct it. Sometimes represents the collective unconscious elephant's trunk: sometimes a sexual symbol, the penis as such it is usually referring to how your sexual feelings are being influenced by the great spirit of life acting on you. The cosmic power of the spirit also the trunk illustrates the ability to get or reach out for ones own needs – see example below example: during an experience arising from the use of psilocybin, had a very clear mental image of a baby elephant it was like a bas relief made out of clay, but mobile could see that the baby elephant had some problem with its trunk, and wondered why my unconscious had produced this image so clearly and what it meant immediately the image disappeared and a series of associations arose unbidden it was that the elephant actually ate with its mouth, but it had to reach out for everything with its trunk as a baby the elephant would suckle, but as it matured it would have to learn to get its own needs with its trunk, therefore the problem was about me reaching out for my own needs danny example: the experienced the elephant as a powerful force which intuitively sense and feel some anxiety about felt the elephant as a powerful influence which works below the level of normal consciousness, which acts upon masses, although it obviously influences individuals but it influences individuals unconsciously, so they are inclined in a direction along with many others as it enters my life sense it seems to be an influence which might direct me into a communion with this deeper, more inclusive or integrative influence thus my personal activities might have added to them this influence which co ordinates the processes of life, and adds to ones small endeavours the stamp or power of a grander life – the spirit the life of the spirit sensed here as the ?company. Where was accepted as a worker in this wider organisation behind life example: was on a road and noticed that a magnificent elephant had appeared it had enormous tusks and ears, the latter being powdered with blue dust and adding tremendously to its impact as it was coming in my direction was frightened and began to run ran off the road, over a fence into a field thought the elephant would be stopped by the fence it wasn't it walked straight through it after me then tried to climb a low bank back to the road the elephant was drawing nearer and was so frightened could hardly move to climb the bank the elephant caught hold of me and suddenly realised it wasn't going to destroy me, but wanted, despite it being a magnificent and powerful beast, to sit me on its back was still frightened however and ran to a doctor's surgery the elephant came and, thrusting its trunk into the surgery, drew me out to it at example: looked out of a window and noticed a wild elephant in full charge it ran past the end of the building and went to the opposite window, seeing it charge another elephant after the impact it seemed to be a strange mixture, in my mind, of elephant and rhinoceros it then stood shaking with sexual motions, until a great deal of sperm came out and its tension was released at the above two examples illustrate firstly the enormous power of the elephant and how it is not usually an attacking or destructive power, and in the second example it shows the link between that power and the sexual drive idioms : white elephant; pink elephants; rogue elephant see: the self under archetypes.
Of all the domestic animals, the elephant is certainly one of the oldest known, if not the oldest in hindu mythology, ganesha, the elephant headed god, is one of the deities associated with wealth therefore, unless the dreamer himself has a personal anathema towards elephants, dreams about an elephant is always a harbinger of great good fortune 1 if the elephant is friendly and happy, expect a change in your luck for the better 2 if the dreamer was riding an elephant, this represents a rise in social status 3 a performing elephant augurs new friends, while a working elephant hints at success through your own efforts 4 even an angry or frightened elephant, or even if they attack you, is not all that bad an omen it only implies delays in the attainment of your goals.
They are associated with terms like wisdom, memory and the power of persistence. Overall is a very positive dream that will bring you dignity and distinction. Memories, something worth remembering. Power, strength, endurance. Danger or destruction.
Your wise self; if knowledgable of hindu-buddhist mythology, may represent some type of power available to you which can be positive or negative if elephant is angry.
If in a normal, friendly mood, these big animals are an omen of great good luck. If performing, they signify helpful friends and/or associates. Working, they indicate assured success in all your undertakings. If you fed, watered, rode or sat on an elephant, you may expect a sudden rise of status or other improvement through a sheer lucky break. Or you may find something you thought was irretrievable. If the elephant frightened or attacked you in your dream, it represents annoying but temporary obstacles to your progress.
Dreaming that you see an elephant, might mean that you are to hear good news, you have good experience in sex or, live with great joy. Dreaming about an elephant in its natural environment is a sign of great luck. Dreaming that you see an elephant in a circus, refers to that you will have cooperation from friends and colleagues, which will be useful for you and right on time. When seeing in a dream that you ride, feed, or are stroke an elephant, predicts that you will get rich quickly. Dreaming that someone attacks an elephant, denotes that the difficulties you have will bring a valuable lesson.
The appearance of these large, solid animals may signify wealth, honor, and a steadfast character. As the elephants rule in the wild, their appearance in your dream may indicate you reign supreme in business and/or at home. How many elephants do you see in your dream. A herd of elephants may suggest great wealth, while a single elephant may represent a small but solid fortune. An elephant with its trunk held up is a symbol of excellent luck soon to come.
As a powerful mammal, the elephant can signify feelings that are below the surface, yet have the power to trample over you. It is said that elephants 'never forget' and can be associated with long held emotions that need to be processed and released. See animals. In the more esoteric sense it indicates radiant and glowing wisdom.
  • When you are dreaming of riding an elephant, represents that you will possess wealth of the most solid character, and honors which you will wear with dignity.
  • You will rule absolutely in all lines of your business affairs and your word will be law in the home.
  • Seeing many elephants, indicates tremendous prosperity.
  • One lone elephant, denotes you will live in a small but solid way.
  • Dreams of feeding one, implies that you will elevate yourself in your community by your kindness to those occupying places below you.

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