Dreaming about elf

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to see a friendly looking elf in your dream means you will always be held in high esteem by others you will be blessed with good physical and mental health also, an elf can sometimes represent an aspect of yourself that is not fully developed or has been repressed to see a hideous or mean elf in your dream is a signal of distressing times to dream that a friend turns into an elf foretells good health and pleasurable social activities
Help from unexpected or even unknown sources will be yours if you dreamed of these mystical, magical characters
To dream about an elf suggests that there is a lack of harmony within your life the elf represents a escort for the spirit it also could indicate that you should let go of some of your concerns and be more at ease
To see an elf in your dream, refers to some imbalance and disharmony in your life the elf often serves as a guide of the soul alternatively, it suggests that you need to be more carefree, worry free, and light hearted
Elf (mythical creatures) can embody the unconscious as first cause of drives, emotions, energy and consciousness. From this, draw conclusions, what moves and motivates a person. Not infrequently brings elf, the need for romantic love relations.
Who dreams of want to know how elf can take off and fly, playful and effortlessly: a typical escapist dream in a phase of excessive demand. Yearning for the lightness of being is noticeable and the subconscious mind sends out signals in the form of elves: an invitation, something playful deal with challenges and sometimes no; to say.

Meaning for seeing elf in your dreams

– see elves in a dream: experience and beautiful love forbidden pleasures; – to be surrounded by them: not sure which of two or more people to love, whom to give your love; – see flee or disappear: a sad love affair; – be kissed by elves: indicates imminent engagement.
– see you dancing with them: happy days, you are imminent; – you play around them: false hopes.