Dreaming about elk wapiti

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Key words: Impressive; persevere playful; dancers; fast and high, jumping, yodeling;, communicative, teacher of other teachers; moon the long snow. Description: The Wapiti is in the medicine the animal totem in the moon the long snow (November 22 to December 21) infants.The American elk or deer is a member of the deer family.The males, which sometimes reach a weight of up to 340 kilos, have antlers that can resemble the branches of a tree.They live in open forests and attract summer at higher altitudes, where they feed on grass, leaves, twigs and bark. During this time the deer collect as many females as possible in a harem; around.Sometimes wapitis seem to dance with each other, forming a large circle in which they strut around. Moreover, they are very fast animals with an enormous jumping ability. They have few natural enemies.Before the turn of the century most of the elk were slaughtered by settlers from Europe, who were often only interested in two of her teeth, turn it into jewelry. General meaning: exploration of strong, vital, communicative part of your self, your playful introduction to nature, knowing your capacity for joy. Association: Transcendent meaning: Gift of Inspiration, mystery and beauty.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.