Dreaming about embarrassed

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dreaming that you see a man who is embarrassed, predicts that you are to become the center of attention without expectations to dream that you are embarrassed, indicates that you will have a meeting that will surprise you
Since dreams are exploring insecurities so that you can transcend them, often you will dream of doing something that leads to embarrassment dreams push you out of your comfort zone so that you can be who you are independent of what others think of you in new situations when you are revealing yourself to others, you may dream of being underdressed, in your underwear or going to the bathroom in front of others feeling like your dress isn’t appropriate is the same as feeling that who you are doesn’t quite ‘fit in ‘ evert aspect of nature is unique and human beings are no different even among family members you are a unique variation of your the line you carry forward the dream is showing you that you are indeed, different and should cherish what makes you unique