Dreaming about emptiness

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an empty object in your dream symbolizes something is ending and soon would be lost an empty container could be a hopeful sign to you if you havent used all you have as yet if you are throwing out things to make a space or an object empty it means you need to clear your mind and start new if you dream of your car and the gas is running low, it means you are running on low fuel as well you need to give yourself some spiritual guidance or start eating properly so you can be powerful and give full performance if you feel empty, you need to pay attention to your body and yourself to fill up that empty void
To be aware of emptiness, or to find something empty when you expected it would be full, suggests that you are contemplating some venture or activity that could turn out to be an exercise in futility don’t try anything unfamiliar for a time following this dream an exception is if you found yourself pouring from a vessel which appeared to be empty, in which case the dream predicts unexpected gains
To dream of emptiness indicates that you sense that there is a void in your life, and that your efforts are meaningless you have worked hard and have nothing in the way of reward for all of your efforts
To dream of emptiness, signifies fruitless labour or that something is missing in your life there is nothing to show for all the effort that you have dedicated to a project or development