Dreaming about empty

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what you expected doesn*t exist.
A person who dreams of emptiness usually is void of things that make them happy. this is the unconscious attempting to inform them that something is missing in their life and they need to begin exploring as much to gain fulfilment. sometimes, however, that ?thing? cannot not be recovered (e.g. death of a spouse) and as such the message is pertinent to overcoming grief and/or loss.
Unloading isolation want to get rid of something
To be aware of emptiness, or to find something empty when you expected it would be full, suggests that you are contemplating some venture or activity which would turn out to be disappointing and a waste of effort don’t try anything unfamiliar for a while after you have this dream

Meaning for seeing empty in your dreams

Unloading isolation want to get rid of something
An empty room, cup, container, or object is a metaphor for the way you feel about yourself currently you’d like to find the object full, simply because you’re ready for things to go your way it also refers to boredom and loneliness
The idea that something is ‘empty’ in a dream suggests that you have a sense of fulfillment that may not be real whatever symbol is associated with being empty can provide further clues to the area of life that may be more appropriately recognized as being unfulfilling the action of emptying something has associations with releasing or discarding the unnecessary