Dreaming about end

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to dream of an end does not necessarily indicate death. however, it is usually related to that particular concept in some capacity. often it is to do with coming to terms with termination of life, not in a prophetic sense, but in the sense that all living things eventually pass on and that our concept of death is only an ends to us because we do not comprehend much of anything about the thereafter.
To dream the end to something indicates that you need to hurry up and act because time is of importance and youre anxious about that certain situation if you dream the end of the world where the world blows up or the sky is coming closer and closer to the ground it is only your fear of the change that is about to come it could also mean that you are craving a new thrill in your life, you want a new journey
The end of anything, featured in a dream, is another contrary symbol signifying new beginnings, unless it was a dead end or cul de sac, in which case the symbolism is straightforward and your dream is trying to awaken you to the possibility that you are following a road to nowhere
To dream you put an end to something, means you are purposeful and determined

Meaning for seeing end in your dreams

To dream of an end to something suggests that you have completed a task or fulfilled an ambition this dream also conveys that your troubles are fading this dream may also be suggesting that you have a decision to make an end usually indicates the start of something else
As a sense of finality, exit or route of escape, this type of dream can focus on ‘searching for closure or a way out’ of difficulty it suggests worry that there may be no end in sight the dreamscape offers a more holistic perspective, where one thing simply merges into something else at the same time, the unconscious demonstrates a type of perception that also transcends your normal distinctions the end of a road can symbolize letting go of the past, while the end of a hallway can signify the end of a transitional phase if the end or a lack of resolution becomes a major focal point that stirs feelings of anxiety within you, perhaps you are learning to release a way of perceiving that has limited you in this case, the end may be a message to let something go anytime a door closes, another one opens and all endings hold the seeds of a new beginning see end of the world under apocalypse and landscape and scenery