Dreaming about engagement fiancã©es fiancã©s

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Engagement can embody longing for affection, marriage and family, for married couples the need for a better relationship. In general, this reflects the desire for closer interpersonal relations.
– Your dream is about engagements: beware of stupid pranks; – For young people to dream an engagement, it means that one of them is not admired very much about engagement; – Your own engagement: a flirtation will take a quick end; – You dream that you enjoy or celebrate a foreign party: a quick engagement or marriage is approaching;For married people it brings a nice and beautiful friendship; – In the dream you break off an engagement: you will act important affairs inconsiderately and hasty;this can follow disappointments; – You are dreaming that you see the fianc??©es(fianc??©s): a quarrel and a dispute will be resolved soon.
– If you are dreaming that you are engaged: it is not good to be too clever by half; – You are celebrating engagement: you will soon do your own weddings; – To see people who are engaged: you seem finally ready to improve yourself.
– In the dream you see an engagement: you do not commit any follies.