Dreaming about epee sword

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Epee is often in men^s dreams for an aggressive form of sexuality that is trying to force if necessary, what they will do not receive free, which can be understood as a warning. In dreams of men, he usually has an exaggerated emphasis on the male sexual drive. Behind it is almost always uncertainty. A rusty sword indicates injured manhood. If one^s sword in a dream, then you should ask yourself if you do not tend to act hastily. For women, the sword is often fear of sexuality, while also yearning for a strong (but not aggressive), protective partner. Sometimes the sword embodies the personal sense of honor may indicate an injury to reputation or prestige more. A fight with a sword sometimes indicates that one has to fight for his honor, which is questioned by others and hurt.
Sword or dagger: Sigmund Freud saw the sword or dagger, a male phallic symbol. Today we talk of psychoanalysis to the occurrence of a sword or dagger to the psychological importance of separating. So it can also announce an approaching (or feared) separation. As a phallic symbol, he is probably an exaggeration exposed manhood. When women dream of, she may have in waking life exaggerated sexual desires. The drawn Epee in a dream may indicate a drastic experiences, but sometimes suggests the unconscious, we should have better thoughts in the violence. Psychoanalytic considered a rusty or broken Epee would indicate a lack of power or a disease of the abdomen.
– a man sees a sword: a feared separation is imminent; – have in hand: promises fame, glory, joy; – bare or drawn epee: armed and loss; – to be attacked with one: a decisive experience coming soon; – be with a razor: danger; – see themselves struggling with: you will be able to attack and gossip well to fight back; – rusty: desecration of the honor.
– you expect in your life then it is a change, it does not harm you, because you can only learn from it.

Meaning for seeing epee sword in your dreams

– see eppe generally: one is treated honorably; – have: you know to keep your law; – in the vagina: a humiliation; – pull out of the vagina: you^ll soon quarreled; – in your hands: joy, honor; – challenging: Friendship; – see break: death; – broken: mischance; – with large gilded handle: ceremony; – lose: poverty; – being self-wounding: prosperity, high patron; – be attacked it and even unarmed be: one has to expect a drastic experience; – be attacked and even a have: you will have to fight against defamation.