Dreaming about erection

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creative power fertility looking for a change
Creative power fertility looking for a change
You do not need to be a man to dream of an erection nor does it have to relate to your sexuality when you dream you have an erection it symbolizes your control and authority to dream of someone elses erection which pleasures you appeals to your sexual craving if you are sickened by the erection it means that you are angry about someone else rising up and being in control of things if you are a man dreaming of an erection is could mean that you are worried about having erectile dysfunction
If you dream that you are erect, then your ego is afflicted if another has an erection in your dream, you’ll get your stuff stolen

Meaning for seeing erection in your dreams

To dream that you have an erection represents the strength of your imagination and vitality this indicates that you are ready to take on a challenge