Dreaming about evening star

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Venus as an astrological planet of love shown mostly on pleasant events. In the dark of the night shines a light for a new hope. Allow yourself to romantic feelings, find a new goal, life may hold a surprise for you.
– a sign of great happiness: healing to the sick, luck with righteous; – to see light along with other less bright stars: announces successes and financial benefits in the near future, but also anxiety and stress on; – to see light alone: provided plans can be realized; – temporarily covered: don^t lose the hope, the goal is still attainable; – obscured by clouds: you must hope for the near future, probably buried; – darkened: it threatens harm and danger; – For single people: you miss your beloved; – For married couples: secrets between spouses;
– in the cloudless sky glow see: your hopes will be fulfilled; – to see on a cloudy sky: hope and misfortune will change with each other; – you miss your long beloved; – for married couples: secrets between spouses; – darkened: it threatens you to harm and danger.