Dreaming about exam

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if you dream of an exam, it means that you are being put on the spot to prove an ability, your loyalty, or truthfulness to someone else.
Being put on the spot to prove oneself in ability, fidelity, loyalty, truthfulness.
Dreams of test taking and exams often are concerned with the theme of graduation will we achieve the social, economic, or familial status that we desire in our lives? will we “pass the test” at work? will we ever meet our family’s expectations of success? will we ever get married and have children? related dreams sleep through my exam related dream symbols school late
Sitting an exam indicates you are ready to move from one state of consciousness to another usually you find that you have not studied or the exam is on a subject you are not prepared for in these dreams ? authorities, however, do not allow you to sit an exam unless you have put in the required classes, so despite your feelings or fears you are ready for this transition

Meaning for seeing exam in your dreams

An upcoming crisis in the attainment of a cherished goal if the dreamer fails the exam, or if he awakens before knowing whether he passed or failed, the goal may be unfeasible at this time and should be re examined if the dreamer passes the exam, then, in spite of obstacles, he has it in him to get what he wants astrological parallel: saturn or uranus tarot parallel: the tower
To dream that you are taking an exam indicates your concerns or anxieties that you are not going to fulfill your obligations
To dream that you are taking an exam, signifies insecurities, fear of not meeting others’ expectations, and fear of failure