Dreaming about excavator

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to dream of an excavator, suggests that someone wants to hamper your work and your way
They clean up thoroughly, but you have things under control. Dig a foundation, you straighten your life a new. Tear off a house, then you still need to free themselves from old burdens, especially of old ideas and beliefs.
The excavators, as well as bulldozers, tanks and similar machines are in a dream, a symbol of destructive force. Many symbols change over time, their appearance and fit of each civilization. In this age of technology, the excavator and similar machines are often taken the place of the dragon. As a dream symbol, he has no other meaning: one must have the courage or have the strength to scratch the surface; and uncover hidden. An invitation to come to terms with repressed issues and intrinsic values??;.
– excavator in a dream means a long-kept secret will be aired.