Dreaming about excrement

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dreaming of excrement suggests that you could expect some problems if the excrement stains you, you may soon be sick having to clean it means that you will dissemble your shortcomings
*see feces
A dream of excrement can be a good omen first of all, it can nourish new ideas and beginnings it also signifies ridding yourself of what you no longer need to start out anew in rare cases, it can refer to feelings of being dirty
*see faeces

Meaning for seeing excrement in your dreams

Dreams that focus on the elimination of bodily waste are a message about release perhaps you are holding onto resentment or unproductive thoughts that need to be ‘eliminated ‘ when you cannot find the proper place to relieve yourself the dream can be suggesting that rather than projecting or dumping your condition on others simply let these unproductive feelings (generally anger or resentment) go there is no designated place for this type of healing or release it is something that happens within so examine what you are holding onto just as the body takes in nourishment and releases waste the mind too, remains healthy when you can let the unnecessary go see also defecate and excrement