Dreaming about excrements

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– Elimination & refuse from the past.
– What I^m willing to forget?
Excrements (excreta, feces, urine) have often points to an immature personality, perhaps corresponding to sexual perversions that result from the immaturity. Dreaming of feces that is around the dreamer brings he back to childhood forms of expression and entertainment. Maybe he^s on a subconscious level not got beyond the feeling that everything that has to do with physiological functions may be dirty and egocentric. – In old dream books the excrement is understanded as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. – Dreaming, that you^re playing with excrement: it is a symbol of money and valuables also in this dream may be expressed fear of liability. – The discharge of the bowel is usually symbol of the wish of the dreamer to live without responsibility or to reduce his inhibitions. In addition, the defecation symbolize the sexual act. – If you see yourself stained with excrement: espression of the self-rejection and disgust, because you do not accept part of your own personality. – Dreaming of excrements blockage (withholding of feces): symbolizes an inability to let go of the past or past practices. The dreamer is jammed in his behavior. – If excrements is from animals: the dreamer is responsible for the way he handles his impulses.
At this level excrement in a dream symbolize spiritual expression. The dreamer yearns to get rid of bad feelings or to turn it into something valuable.

Meaning for seeing excrements in your dreams

European – To excrete: you soon will be able to feel a significant relief in a recent issue; – To feel dirty like this: you^re afraid of not being accepted by others; – To work with your own feces: you want to free youself from emotional ballast or undesirable circumstances; – To enter into excrements or to see: a very good sign for favorable development of personal relationships and satisfaction; – To play with excrements: you could win something new from old experiences in the future.